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Real Estate Law

Protect Your Real Estate Interests

Erick Kirkpatrick is an experienced attorney in all aspects of real estate law. Rather you are a business owner, a developer, an investor or a homeowner, Kirkpatrick Law can help guide you through legal issues concerning relative simple as well as very complex real estate matters. Eric can assist you with capitalizing on opportunities while mitigating risk. Kirkpatrick Law will make sure your deal goes as smoothly as possible.

Although Kirkpatrick Law is based in Houston, Eric Kirkpatrick is admitted to practice law in both Texas and New York. Eric Kirkpatrick is here to help you achieve success in all your real estate endeavors. If you have a real estate matter you need legal help with, call us today at: 713-893-0305

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Kirkpatrick Law has the capability to handle any type of real estate transaction. We can help you with your home purchase to multifamily residential projects to complex commercial agreements. Here are some matters that Kirkpatrick Law can help you with:

  • Practical advice and guidance regarding real estate matters, projects and ventures
  • Preparing earnest money contracts
  • Developing and negotiating purchase and sale agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial leases
  • Drafting and reviewing residential leases
  • Handling commercial development issues
  • Homeowner associations or restrictive covenants
  • Easements
  • Settling litigated and mediated real estate disputes
  • Title Disputes
  • Deed Preparation
  • Lien Removal

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It is important that real estate transactions be properly prepared. You should never sign any contracts or agreements without consulting with an attorney. This includes “letters of intent”. Many people incorrectly assume that real estate agents are trained to function in place of an attorney and that they are properly trained in preparing legally binding contracts. However, only an attorney can properly review and prepare such documents in a manner that fully protects the legalities of your real estate transaction. Moreover, you may believe the real estate agent is representing your interests when in fact they are representing the other party.

As noted above, Kirkpatrick Law handles all types of transactions from personal real estate deals to complex commercial deals. Eric’s experience and knowledge in Texas and New York real estate matters is vast. It is extremely important to hire an experienced real estate attorney whenever purchasing or selling real estate. We will be happy to prepare all necessary documentation to facilitate a transaction. Give us a call today if you have any questions about your real estate transaction.