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Deceptive Trade Practice

Deceptive Trade Practices

Deceptive trade practices are well-known and established commercial law principles and play a fundamental role in defining how businesses operate. In Texas, the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from harmful commercial activities. The Act outlines thirty-two specific actions that are prohibited.


Business Litigation Wins Deceptive Trade Practices Cases

Any business in Texas can face lawsuits by a consumer who sends a registered mail outlining their claims and demanding financial restitution. Whether you are sending such a letter or responding to such a letter, the optimal best way forward is to hire an experienced business litigator with a deep understanding of Deceptive Trade Practice Laws.

It’s not only individual consumers who can use the law to redress grievances. Businesses who buy from other companies may also file disputes if they feel they suffered from a deceptive transaction. Kirkpatrick Law is experienced in handling Deceptive Trade Practices matters, whether suing on behalf of a client or defending against a suit from an allegedly aggrieved party.


Settlements for Deceptive Trade Cases Can Be High

The possible remedies for the entity suing are plentiful, ranging from mental anguish penalties to lawyers’ fees and additional monetary awards. The worst-case scenario for a company or individual under heat is if the court finds that they “knowingly” were operating in violation of state laws. In that case, the court may award a judgment for damages three times the amount of mental or economic damages. As you might imagine, these figures can rise sky-high, and that’s why proper legal representation is crucial on both sides of the matter.

There’s no question your legal opponent will spare no expense to cover their positions, so you need to hire attorneys who will fight for you. Kirkpatrick Law is the leading Houston, Texas business litigation firm because we put our client’s needs first. Now’s the time to ensure you get the best possible representation you need to protect your rights.

When it comes to successfully handling commercial lawsuits, experience plays a significant role. Kirkpatrick Law has handled numerous deceptive trade practices matters and can help Texas business owners as well as individual consumers see a positive outcome. If you’re contemplating suing a company for their practices or are being sued, contact us to discuss the pertinent details of your case. This initial conversation isa “no obligations, free phone call”.


Business Litigation Provides the Solution You Need

Deceptive Trade Practices can injure any party. That includes companies that are losing revenues to unethical competitors. If your firm is missing out on sales due to another business’s unfair practices, consult with Kirkpatrick Law, a leading Houston, Texas business litigation expert, to find out your remedies.

Poor business practices hurt consumers, competitors, and employees in many ways. Fortunately, Texas law provides plenty of firepower for anyone who wants to challenge a company directly. Whether you’re a consumer who is the victim of false claims, false advertising, or any other deceptive practice, or a company that’s hurting due to underhanded methods by a rival, Kirkpatrick Law is here to help.

The laws are there to ensure healthy competition in the Texas business marketplace. Let Kirkpatrick Law help you understand your rights and guide you through the process of enforcing or defending those rights.